customized clear water systems

Ad-hoc innovation based on clients request

Challenging task becoming reality

AQUAlab history
Capital RO 1100 EDI
Client profile: Clean room laundry
Challenges for development: Real time monitoring of organic and inorganic contaminants.
Organic contamination below 30 ppb in the circulation loop.
Low particle concentration in ultrapure water.
Water quality < 0,2 µS/cm, flow rate 1100 litres per hour
Produced system provides: Less than 25 ppb in circulation loop.
Particle concentration 100 times lower than required level.
Developed innovations for the client: Real time monitoring with automatic notification by e-mail.
Capital RO 2000 EDI
Client profile: Sterilization of surgical instruments
Challenges for development: Ensure pure water flowrate of 2000 litres per hour
Water quality according with DIN 285 < 5µS/cm
Produced system provides: AQUAlab pure water systems ensures water quality less then 1 µS/cm
Developed innovations for the client: AQUAlab system via our innovative Blue Pilot controller
ensures control of the client's second redundant system
UT 50 RO 50 EDI
Client profile: University laboratories
Challenges for development: System with distribution loop with limited size storage
Produced system provides: Ultra pure water system with capacity 50 litres per hour
fully equiped with storage tank and distribution pump.
Easily placed under a bench.
Developed innovations for the client: Temperature control in distribution loop with automatic
discharge of water in cases when water temperature
exceeds the setpoint
BASIC 170 RO EDI Ultra Clean
Client profile: Clean room research laboratory
Challenges for development: Organic and bacterial contamination in the circulation loop
less than 20 ppb and less than 1 CFU / mL
Produced system provides: Ultra pure water with TOC less than 10 ppb and less than 0,1 CFU / mL
Developed innovations for the client: Prevention of bacterial regrowth via automatic temperature
and flow control in the distribution loop
Client profile: Diagnostics laboratory
Challenges for development: Automatic pump motor diagnostics
Produced system provides: Advanced real-time disgnostics of the whole system
Developed innovations for the client: Automatic emergency water supply; redundant microcontroller system