Laboratory Systems

Laboratory water purification systems

Total organic carbon analyzer TOCmatic

AQUAlab Q-series laboratory water purification systems are designed to produce ultrapure water for most demanding applications including but not limited to: inorganic trace analysis, gas and liquid chromatography as well as other methods of organic analysis, molecular biology and cell culture.

AQUAlab Q-series systems' produced water exceeds requirements of all relevant standards, like ASTM Type I, ISO 3696 Grade 1, CLSI Type I. Consistent water quality is 18.2 MOhm*cm (0.055 μS/cm). Integrated recirculation ensures total organic carbon (TOC) on a very low level of 5-10 ppb for regular configuration. UV and Bio configurations of Q-series systems produces water with TOC less than 2 ppb.

All AQUAlab Q-series systems have dispensers, equipped with a touchscreen LCD display for water quality indication.

Innovative AQUAlab Blue Pilot controller provides all necessary information about system status, has user-adjustable setpoints for all parameters, generates automatic alarm report by e-mail and specialized mobile application.

Smart deionization (DI) module automatic monitoring provides information on module status for its replacement only when it is exhausted.

Q-series systems can be monitored online via mobile application. The operation log can obtained via USB-Stick or E-mail.