About AQUAlab


AQUAlab company is an alliance of creatively thinking professionals in the sphere of water treatment. Our members and employees have many years of experience in development, production and sales of water purification equipment and reverse osmosis controllers. AQUAlab has its own innovation and development department, ensuring the possibility to meet every client’s needs in such business spheres as laboratories, hospitals, industry, universities, dealing with pure water and ultra pure water treatment.

Our own innovative products or alternative consumables make possible to optimize existing costs while maintaining the same quality. AQUAlab provides regeneration service and we are 24 hour on-call available to our clients on our Hot line for the support.

AQUAlab history


  • 2019 January

    KSN water technology

    Takeover of the regeneration station of KSN water technology

  • 2018 June

    Achema Expo 2018

    AQUAlab presents its innovative products on Achema Expo 2018

  • 2017 June

    AQUAlab goes International

    First export contracts outside European Union

  • 2017 March

    ISO 9001:2015

    AQUAlab is ISO 9001:2015 certified

  • 2016 November

    Blue Pilot

    First generation of Blue Pilot controller is developed

  • 2016 June


    Online total organic carbon analyser TOCmatic is developed

  • 2016 May

    Purification system

    AQUAlab first own water purification system is manufactured

  • 2016 March

    Innovation department establishment

    Dr. Sergejs Nazarovs joined AQUAlab team to establish our own research and development department

  • 2015 March

    Distribution rights

    AQUAlab achieves exclusive distribution rights for Rephile on the territory of Germany

  • 2014 February


    AQUAlab company is established by Oliver Mücke, using his SERAL Sale Director for Germany and TKA Managing Director of Sales department experience to build new innovative ways in water treatment.